Doowang Records has entered into negotiations with Dave Goddard for the re-release of his debut album "Lake Effect" recorded by Doowang records in '98 and'99. Lake Effect contains ten songs that are still talked about today. Give a listen to the samples and see if you don't agree that it's time to get your own personal copy of this classic.

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"October is Country Music Month" was the theme for this 1980 program guide I designed for WBFO. It's October once again, it's time to dust off the old and make it new again.

Some songs just keep on giving, some things just don't get old. So is the case with Dave Goddards "Lake Effect" written and produced in the 1990's.

Dave is still writing and performing and with some encouragement, might be convinced to put his clothes on and record another "record".

Leave your encouragement on the comments page and be assured that your e-mail address will not be shared.
Unenlightened Mind is available here as well. With the advent of a new war in Iraq
this album is more relevant than ever. "Marching into Bagdad" and "Unenlightened Mind" still ring true to the times.
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Is back at Doowang Records
Burned Bridges is a storybook, starting with changes that have taken over our lives in the wake of 9/11 ("Burned Bridges") leading to the realization that we are all moving toward the same end ("Photo on the Refrigerator").
My Grandmother was born in Cromarty, Scotland and emigrated to the U.S. as a seven year old child after her mother died and her father took work in America. These stories are about the Weiss family and the Findlayson familes who evetually settled in Tonawanda, N.Y.
Dick n' Wayne; Side by Side is a collection of eleven songs we recorded as a demo tape. This CD is not for sale but all of the tracks are available for your listening amusement. Recorded in 1977.
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