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Burned Bridges available now!
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Two plus years in production in Annapolis MD, Buffalo N.Y. and Russia (yes, Russia)
Burned Bridges is finally available for distribution.Give a listen to the samples and leave a comment if you wish. CD's are also available for sale from this site.

Musicians include April Frantz Kohles, Steve Moscov, Brad Felton, Wayne Stepus and Keith Woodin, all Buffalo natives who graciously agreed to contribute to this collection of my songs. Thanks to all, I owe you.

From country rock to folk to rock, this collection is about growing up in America from the 50's to the present. It's a collection of snapshots through the years and
my rememberance of those images. Americana, maybe; American without doubt.

Unenlightened Mind... still available
Unenlightened Mind is also available from this site. My earlier album features musicians Jon Stein, Chris Merkley, Ed O'Reilly, Bob Soyrda, April Frantz Kohles and Steve Moscov. Songs of love and war, my take on the current state of civilization and lack thereof.
The Music
The Musicians
Comments and mail
Sounds like John Prine, Steve Earle and ErnestTubbs.
Sounds like Leonard Cohen, John Prine, and The Sons of the Chevy Plant.